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More Meatloaf, Please? 🔗

Wow, so there's some closet Meatloaf fans out there.

Well, I didn't just record one song. No sir. When I jam to the piano, I jam for at least three songs. Sometimes four. Or however long it takes for the police to arrive.

So here's another one, which focuses on the trials and tribulations of a car's rearview mirror, and the continuing technical challenge of objects appearing smaller than they really are, which seems like a serious safety flaw the car companies should put their heads together on to finally get fixed.

My favorite part in this one also starts around 4:30. That's when the neighbors, so exasperated with my loud playing, use a sledgehammer to break through the drywall and then attempt (unsuccessfully at first) to saw my keyboard in half with a chainsaw. Eventually they succeeded, but not before the first chainsaw broke and they had to go to another neighbor down the road to borrow a second chainsaw. Don't worry, I edited that part out.

Once again, see if you can play along and count how many wrong keys I hit. It's fun! (Here's a freebie: the very first note is wrong!)

More Jammin' on the Piano from Scott Smith on Vimeo.

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