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How I Unwind 🔗

One way I fight stress is by jammin' on my keyboard. I'm not really a composer, so I just set the iPod to shuffle and jam to whatever songs come up. Every now and then, a Berlitz "Learning French" audio book starts playing. I have no idea why. I don't remember buying this through iTunes, and I've never had a desire to learn French. Nothing tosses water on a good jam session more than "Making Small Talk in French, Part III."

I wanted to try out the Vimeo video sharing service, so decided to make my first music video.

It was quite a production, and required months of preparation and an extensive crew. Everything had to be perfect: the audio, the lighting, the editing and post production.


Actually, I just aimed a point and shoot camera in the general direction of the keyboard, and started jamming to Meatloaf.

Yes, Meatloaf.

I believe it is possible to both like and dislike Meatloaf at the same time.

I find his music a little over the top, but I also find it very musical -- almost rock n' roll orchestral. It's kind of fun to jam along on the piano.

So, here's my Vimeo test. I manage to hit the wrong notes quite a few times. Hey, at least I'm not singing along.

My favorite part starts around 4:30. That's when I accidentally knock the keyboard over, and it catches on fire, sending flames shooting up the back wall. Don't worry, I edited that part out.

Jamming on the piano from Scott Smith on Vimeo.

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