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Shots of the Night: Experimenting with Light and Dark 🔗

It's been awhile since I fired up the camera, so I decided to do some quick light painting experiments in my living room. None of these are great quality; I'm just "testing the waters" for techniques I might try to refine later on. Doing long exposures is a pain because the post-shutter noise reduction takes the same amount of time as the original exposure (and drains the battery in the process, too). So a 5-minute exposure takes 5 additional minutes of noise reduction before you can see the shot. And with long exposures, you have no idea how a shot turned out until you view the final result. Of course, back in the days of film, it took days to see the result...

Painting the living room with light. Unfortunately, I spilled light all over the floor and had to clean it up later.

One thing I noticed tonight is that my CCD sensor is really dusty -- even after I spent an hour trying to clean it not too long ago. That sensor is an absolute dust magnet. Dealing with sensor dust is the aspect of digital photography I enjoy the least. It doesn't help that I like to take pictures in dusty environments such as the desert.

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