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Shots of the Day: Vegas, Baby 🔗

So, I recently returned from a trip to Las Vegas, where I briefly married Britney Spears. (No, not really.)

And that provides some fodder for today's photos of the day.

Here we see an excellent example of fine engineering on display at the Aladdin Resort and Casino. Is it an exit? Or not? Who knows? Hey, nothing like a little gambling in a fire emergency. They really carry the gambling theme and run with it, don't they?

I'm happy to say that I walked out of the Bellagio Resort a big winner. Since my last visit to Vegas, the slot machines have been reengineered so that they no longer drop coins when you cash out. No, now they print out a voucher (accompanied by a digitized coin dropping sound -- much like my cheaper digital camera, which plays a digitized shutter sound when a picture is taken -- both cheapen the experience, in my opinion). This voucher must be taken to a cashier and exchanged for cash.

Well, I deposited one dollar into a penny slot machine (yes, they actually do have penny slot machines at Bellagio -- as well as $500 ones), hit the button (yeah, they've stolen the levers from slot machines, too), and instantly won six cents. Six cents! Quite satisfied, I hit the cash out button, and proudly marched up to the cashier with my voucher and a big smile on my face. I think they were somewhat annoyed.

Those are the infamous fountains doing their thing in front of Bellagio. In the background you can just make out the light beaming from the top of the Luxor and into the night sky.

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