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I have a mouse. 🔗

I am way behind on blog entries, and have much to update, but here's a short entry just to prove I'm still alive.

While putting clothes in the washing machine this evening, I saw a mouse dart across the wall. Never seen one of those in my house before. Don't care to see the little critter again. Starting to talk in incompete sentences here, like Bob Dole. Must stop that.

So, I dashed off to Food Lion right before they closed and purchased some traps. (For the mouse, not Bob Dole.)

With luck, the mouse will find his way outside of my house on his own, as I don't have any personal issues with the mouse and would be pleased if he would just leave my house. But, I'm expecting to hear a snapping sound any moment now.

All I had to put in the trap was low-fat peanut butter. Not sure what the mouse will think of that.

I don't keep food sitting out in the house, and I've never seen any signs of mice in my house before. A couple days ago, I was painting the front door (during a rain storm -- something that should probably be explained in one of those as-yet written blog entries I referred to earlier), and during that time the front door was open for awhile, while it was raining heavily.

My bet is the mouse darted inside to get out of the rain.

The only other mouse incident I've had was in my garage several years ago, when I left a bag of open grass seed sitting there. I've since learned not to do that.

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