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I'm an Award Winning Chef 🔗

So, I decided to submit an entry in a dessert competition. (Not a world-reknowned competition, mind you, just one held in conjunction with a holiday party.) I'm a good cook, I just choose not to, due to lack of time and lack of ingredients.

For the competition, I decided to make a chocolate mouse cake. It turned out to be a lot more work than I anticipated, taking about 7 total hours of effort and close to $60 in ingredients. First, I made three sauces: a chocolate sauce, a raspberry sauce, and a creme anglais sauce, which was essentially a vanilla sauce with a fancy name. Next, I made eight or nine small chocolate cakes, and then sliced them in half once they cooled. Then I made chocolate and vanilla mouse, and put a combination of the two in between the cake halves. For the final presentation, I dribbled the three sauces around the cake, squirted chocolate sauce over the cake, and added strawberries and a sprig of mint to the top.

It looked beautiful (and tasted quite good too), but I was too tired to take a picture. And I regret that now.

In the dessert competition, I was surprised to find out that (a) people really take it seriously and (b) there were a lot of excellent entries. I was sure I wouldn't even place in the top three. However, to my surprise, I captured first prize.

So, to my resume I can add "award winning chef."

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