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USA Today gripe 🔗

USA Today has this fairly annoying habit of boldly announcing the winner (or who got voted off/fired this week) on the front page of its web site the day after an episode airs. For example, today, you can see a picture of the winner of Survivor with the headline "Chris conquers Vanuatu."

In these days of TiVo, this is pretty unnecessary. Because there are three classes of people, and running this as news benefits none of them:

(a) People who like the show so much that they already watched the episode. In which case the winner is not news to them; they saw the show.

(b) People who have set their TiVo (or VCR or ReplayTV or..) to record the show but have not yet had a chance to watch it. In which case they would prefer to watch the show than see USA Today blurt out the winner before they've had the chance. (I tend to fit into this category.)

(c) People who have no interest in the show. They could care less. (I tend to fit into this category much of the time, too.)

If USA Today is so intent on providing these reality show updates each week, they should at least hide the news under a headline that doesn't give away the ending.

And that's my gripe of the day.

(Hey, two-for-one special today: Is punctuation really that hard? I keep seeing signs around saying "Christmas Tree's for Sale" or "Christmas Tree's," and being an Editor, this probably annoys me more than is healthy.)

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