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Shots of the Day: The Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas 🔗

I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas, where I attended the three-day Life is Beautiful music, food, art, and learning festival. It was hot -- reaching 100 degrees each day. But as they say, it was a dry heat, and it didn't stop tens of thousands of visitors from having a good time. These are 51 of my favorite shots from the festival; I took all of these photos with my Nikon Df and a 50mm/1.4 prime lens. All shots were handheld except for two (where a pole and a bench served as a makeshift tripod). I had an all-access VIP pass to the concert, which gave me the chance to shoot from interesting vantage points.

Dan Reynolds, lead singer of Imagine Dragons.

Sometimes, a photographic opportunity presents itself when you least expect it.


Lindsey Stirling. Until I saw her in person, I assumed she was just a violin player. What I didn't realize is that she's constantly dancing as she's playing the violin.

Duran Duran.

Jesus walking a goat. As per usual.

Walk the Moon.

While Imagine Dragons performs, a disgruntled security guard decides to forcibly remove a rambunctious oversized beach ball.

I hide backstage as Duran Duran performs.

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