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Apparently, the iPod is difficult to use 🔗

An article in tomorrow's Independent.co.uk edition, titled "The iPod set are cool, but clueless," describes how few people realize (wait, that's a UK publication, so it's realise) how difficult the iPod is to use, despite everyone wanting one.

The authors of the article quote some iPod owners that were surprised by how difficult it was to move music to the device.

One owner says it took her the better part of two weeks to download 500 songs. The authors do not clarify whether the difficulty is in the process of ripping the CD's into the computer (presumably using iTunes, but the article doesn't say), or in the process of syncing iTunes with the iPod.

The article notes that one company has sprung up (because, after all, companies don't just slowly rise) that "does the hard work of converting disc tracks into electronic files for the iPod, using its own specially designed software."

Specially designed software? Uhh.. And it's better than iTunes how? The article doesn't say.

I'm not exactly computer illiterate, but I still have trouble seeing how anyone would have difficulty using iTunes and the iPod. Insert a music CD into your computer, and with one button click you've ripped the songs into iTunes. (If you're on-line, you don't even need to type in track names.) Plug the iPod into your computer, and it automatically synchs with iTunes. And this is difficult how?

If you have 50 CD's to rip, that can be time-consuming, but hardly difficult.

This article seems to have started with a link-catching, counter-intuitive premise: the iPod is difficult to use - despite almost universal accolades given by reviewers for the iPod's intuitive interface and seamless interoperability with iTunes. But the text of the article does little to quantify the premise with specific details.

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