Skylofts at MGM Grand: A pictorial

By M. Scott Smith

Turndown service at hotels often includes a Hershey Kiss left on the pillow, but Skylofts is a bit more ambitious. Each evening, I returned to the loft to discover a different homemade dessert left on the living room table. This page describes those treats and other snacks located throughout the loft.

Monday night's snack. Perhaps the most artful presentation of a Rice Krispy Treat I've seen. It is accompanied by two brownies (of sorts) and some berries.


Tuesday night's snack. Four puffy/crispy cookies (kind of hard to describe), and chocolate covered almonds.


Wednesday night's snack. Now we're talkin'. An edible, fancy chocolate container (with a palette of white chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate), filled with truffles and surrounded by raspberries and blackberries.


Thursday night's snack. At first it appeared like three old-fashioned lollipops. However, they were actually soft truffles that melted in the mouth.


In-loft Jura Espresso and Coffee machine. OK, I must admit I'm not a coffee drinker, and I didn't actually use this machine. But there was plenty of fancy coffee and tea to go with it. I like the smell of coffee, and debated about brewing a cup just to fill the loft with the smell, but never got around to it.


Well-stocked refrigerator. This refrigerator contained a selection of sodas, water, and alcohol, along with cream left daily. All non-alcoholic beverages are "free," and are replenished by the butler daily. There's also a box containing blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, which is replenished frequently. It's normally left on the dining room table, but I kept it in the fridge (underneath the blue Paris Las Vegas bag, which contained half of a Le Parisian sandwich).


Voss Water: Artesian Water from Norway. The upscale bottled water, by the way, was Voss -- in both sparkling and non-sparkling ("still") versions. The glass bottles are fancy, and the water tasted quite good -- but in the 110-degree temperature of Las Vegas in July, any water would taste good. Voss water was left next to the bed each night as well. You can learn more about Voss water at Voss's web site. You can even buy a case and have it shipped to your home. Actually, it would be nice if Skylofts would ship a case of Voss water to guests following their visit, as a nice reminder and "thank you."


The wet bar. Nothing here is free (other than the bucket of ice on the left, which was always full of ice anytime I arrived in the loft, courtesy of the butler). A selection of alcohols was available, along with some snacks (such as mixed nuts) from Dean & Deluca.