Skylofts at MGM Grand: A pictorial

By M. Scott Smith

The master bed. Yeah, there's lots of pillows, and you're only seeing half of them here, after turndown service. The bed was very comfortable, with the expected high thread-count cotton sheets. The left bedstand contained an alarm clock with an iPod dock on the top; this was useful for charging my iPod. There's a color touch-screen remote on the right bedstand which lets you control pretty much the whole loft. You can see half of a pair of Bang and Olufsen BeoLab speakers on the wall.

You may have heard that Skylofts has a "dream butler" service where you can select from over a dozen pillow types. It's true, you can ask your butler to provide a specific pillow type -- and there are interesting types, such as water and space-age foam pillows. But they didn't really push this during my stay; perhaps it hasn't been that popular of a feature. I meant to try out some different pillow types (I frequently have neck pain), but never got a chance to. The standard down pillows were comfortable enough.


Fancy lighting. You can pull up different lighting programs on the remote, such as day, evening, night, and mood. The bed glows gently from behind and above.


Turndown service. Each night, when the bed is turned down, Skylofts housekeepers leave a flower and a card tucked into the bed. The cards had different poems or whimsical sayings. When I've stayed at other fancy hotels, turndown service also included a note card showing the weather for the next day. I guess that isn't really necessary at Skylofts, since chances are the weather will be "scorching hot with no chance of rain," especially in July.


Flowers. There's also a vase of flowers on a stand in the bedroom.


Another plasma TV. A room wouldn't be a room at Skylofts without at least one flat-panel, large-screen television, and the bedroom is no exception. Just below the TV, you can barely make out the edge of a Bang and Olufsen BeoCenter music system. From the touch-screen remote next to the bed, you can pull up on-demand movies; all are provided on the house to Skylofts guests. Out the front of the bedroom is a glass wall, which overlooks the lower level of the loft, as well as the two-story windows looking out over Las Vegas. My view showed the New York New York skyline, including the Manhattan coaster. From the remote, you can lower either or both of the sheers and drapes, completely blacking out the loft.


Front of the bedroom. Here's another shot looking out towards the front of the bedroom. There was a comfy chair, and a neat tree stump table.


The walk-in closet. Leave the bedroom, walk through the bathroom, and you reach the walk-in closet, which is almost as large as some hotel rooms. It has its own nice lighting, mirrors, and tons of storage space, including a digital safe. There's also a robe hanging in the closet (you can't see it here; I'm standing towards the center of the closet), and a digital scale.