Skylofts at MGM Grand: A pictorial

By M. Scott Smith

Umm.. I'm not really sure what this is. When you enter the loft, you're greeted by this fellow. He's quite large, and perfectly content to sit underneath the staircase. (Out the window behind him, you can see part of the New York New York skyline.)


Another one. This guy watches over the dining room table. I have a feeling these statues have some deep meaning; I'm just not sure what it is.


The living room. Yes, that's a Bang and Olufsen BeoVision 5 flat-panel plasma TV, surrounded by BeoLab 8000 speakers. (The speakers run about $4,000 for the pair; the TV will set you back around $22,000.) To the right is a small office, behind the staircase.


The office. Here's a closer shot of the small office. The HP printer was very handy; it had USB, WiFi, and Ethernet connections. I was able to easily connect my PowerBook to it to print out my boarding pass for my flight home. Skylofts also prints customized stationery and business cards for your stay. The Skylofts concierge will also loan you a laptop for free if you do not have your own and wish to have one; they did say it would be necessary to sign a damage waiver.


Back to the living room. That's a lamp on the left side of the picture. What you can't tell from the scale is that the lamp shade is around 4-5 feet tall. The windows are quite tall too. But, as you can see, they're not truly floor-to-ceiling windows; they are interrupted in the middle.


Umm... Grass? Some type of moss or grass is growing on the living room table. It was actually pretty cool.


Looking out the living room. Towards the back of the loft.


The entry way. Very nice, substantial doors. On the right wall is a switch which allows you to turn on a "do not disturb" light (to keep out any overachieving butlers, I suppose), or to request maid service. The doors took a bit of force to close, and made a loud sound when they finally latched. But in the loft, you would be hard-pressed to hear any noise from neighboring lofts or the hallway. These are very quiet rooms.


Looking directly into the dining room. The living room flat-panel TV is really not very far away. But that didn't prevent another Sony flat-panel display from being placed in the dining room. That really seems a bit excessive. At this point they're really just showing off.


Cool tiling. One thing I really liked in the dining room is small tiling that went up the wall, and then over the ceiling. You can also see a Bang and Olufsen BeoCenter 2 music system on the left. To insert a CD, wave your hand in front of it and the sides switfly rotate upwards. Want a BeoCenter 2 in your own home? They're just under $5,000. There's a second one in the bedroom. (Speakers not included.)


Looking down the staircase. The stairs are made out of marble or slate or something similar, which is actually not too comfortable to climb if you're barefoot.